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Monday, December 6, 2010

2 for the fruit and 1 for the loop.

Have you ever gone to a shopping centre and just wondered the isles through random boredness and ended up carting a random bag of goodies home?
This actually just happened.. It actually happens to me alot. Which is why I know, I would make a really.. REALLY bad pregnant women.

So after being in hospital basically all day again, I return home.. As usual after being so exhausted I nap.. And when I say nap I mean, drool patch the size of a small wading pool and huge pillow snugs. Thanks to my pillow smelling just like the lady. I finally grow some balls and wake up.. Mind you growing balls definitely defeats the whole entire purpose of this entry. Moving riiiiight along. So I wake up and stumble around my bedroom to find some sort of clothing items. I get a sudden urge to go shopping.. I find my skinnies, whack on a sweet band tee and head off to Coles. This is where it all went semi downhill.

Don't ever head to a shopping center when you have no idea what you're looking for. It's dangerous.

I park Miri and anxiously walk through the front doors.. I tripped a little because honestly.. I really suck at walking in thongs.. But you know.. Whatevs!
After walking every isle of the shopping center I leave with a $30 bill.. I'm quite excited about this as it's normally alot more when I go shopping.
Upon my arrival home, I inspect my bags of shopping goodness to discover my amazing shopping skills.

Grocery List consists of -
5 x Tinned Lemon Tuna
1 x Pack of Arnotts chocolate cookies
1 x Zymill
1 x Tub of Philidelphia Cheese *major thrust points here*
and 1 x Thingymajig of White Grapes.

I think I'm pregnant?

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