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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hospital Visits

So most of you know I've been quite sick lately. Besides getting my appendix removed last year because an awol piece of poo had taken home on it and making it sick, the doctors decided to remove it. Key hole surgery it was. I was very much scared.. Apparently you recover quite quickly from keyhole surgery but my body did a huge fuck you. With the doctors nipping my bladder by accident and me having to have a canular shoved up my pee hole.. My right lung decided to partially colapse. I was in hospital for 3 weeks with epic body fail.
I then returned to hospital 6 months later to be notified of the fact that my appendix had a 8mm carcinoid tumor on it. I was petrified at the fact that I had cancer, and more worried that the cancer was large enough to have spread. So after countless tests and hospital visits they've also come to the conclusion I have Carcinoid Syndrome. Google it. I'm not going to die. I'm currently cancer free but get tests every 6 months for the rest of my life to keep checking. Amongst these visits I was recently hospitalised again.. and by recent I mean I just left the hospital yesterday after being there for nearly a week.
Conclusion? I'm not actually just full of "shit" I have a Hernia behind my belly button, a cyst on my left kidney and apparently an issue with the bile duct in my liver. I go back in next week for surgery. Wish me luck =)
Here are some happy snaps of hospital visits. Enjoy.


I had my own ENSUITE

Gazing being extremely bored.

The girl of my dreams, trying to blow up the world.

My Button.. Good times.

Hospital lunch.. You can see how fresh and not canned the chicken is.

This was sent from Jet.. all the way from Melbourne to my bed. xx


We actually were in Tenns Vagina.

People die here.


How exciting

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