Drinking all the moisture from the air.. I am so dry..
Let me get a sip of what you want me to say.. I am so thirsty..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lost Realist.

Growing up I've always felt very incomplete. I haven't felt fully complete until lastnight/all hours of this morning. Standing there in her bedroom basically naked holding signs of need/want/completion. It was 1am. Sorry about that. You fell asleep in my arms.. I tried to talk but just a nervous squeak exited my mouth.. You stirred a little as I was trying to move. Asking if I was ok, I replied with a "yes, I just need to do something".. You were quite worried but let me up.. As I exited your room, running frantically naked around your house to find some sort of writing device and paper. I found your sharpie and a note pad. Holding the sharpie in my hands, I had to take deep breaths to stop my hands from shaking. Even my breathing was affected and I could hardly stand. Pressing pen to paper I nervously wrote these words.. "So I've actually never done this before but..." and on the next piece of paper writing "But will you be my umm.. urmm.. Girlfriend.. Please <3".. I was so reluctant to come back into your bedroom, but this just had to happen.
From the moment I laid eyes on you, my world had come to a complete stop. My first words being completely hopeless but they made you smile. Who would think someones first words to you would be "If you were a burger at McDonalds, you would be a McGorgeous!".. Fuck yes I'm charming as fuck. Thanks Tenn for doing this to me =D.
We spent all day together. I know from the moment our eyes met, there was something there. After leaving you that night, you were the only thing on my brain.. you still are the only thing on my brain. Feeling your hands on my skin and your lips connect to mine.. You tell me I'm beautiful and I actually believe you. You make me feel perfect in your arms. You make me feel like the only person in this world. It's hard to breathe when I'm around you because you take the breath from my lungs. My heart beats so hard and my world spins.
It's been nearly 7 months since the day we met. My feelings grow larger for you everyday.. and who would think I would be standing basically naked at the front of your bedroom door, holding paper signs asking you to be my girlfriend..
I opened your door and walked in.. Switching on the light I stood there holding the first sign up.. You're laying there covering your eyes from the light, but I just stood there silently holding the sign waiting for you to look up.. You turn your head and look at me, reading the first sign.. I see a little smirk on your face.. I drop the sign and show you the next..
You're smile lit up my heart as you nodded your head and basically jumped into my arms.

Last night, You completed me.
Thank you.

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