Drinking all the moisture from the air.. I am so dry..
Let me get a sip of what you want me to say.. I am so thirsty..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just some poems and random writings.

I wrote these.. So please don't steal them.

Crack my knuckles one by one.
Starting from my pinky, then head towards my thumb.
Sitting on a wooden chair, In the corner of the room. A light flickering in the distance showing the residue of blood and mould left on the broken tiles on the walls in the room.
My breathing is the only sound piercing through the silence of nothing. The cracking of my joints echoing down the halls as I struggle to move off this chair.
There's something keeping me here. Not chains, nor ropes or even cuffs. But something much stronger then the three combined. Is it will power or just me being stubborn. I cannot move, yet I can still breathe. The air in here may not be fresh, crisp or clean, But I am breathing and I am very much alive.
My head feels like it will explode and paint these walls in words. Letters falling from the ceiling and forming sentences on the cold, wet and dark concrete floor. The now freshly made sentences working together shuffle towards each other and make short stories. Stories of a life and how much everyone and everything has made such a difference.
My eyes skimming through the stories as I start to agree with everything written, until I realise these stories are my own.

Glancing back and forth, sentence after sentence after sentence appearing on the walls, on the floor and even on the roof. My thoughts unraveling and filling the room up. A word search of my life, made up of paragraphs and short stories.

After reading my stories I start to realise my place in this world. Why I was created, why I was placed here and why I can make a difference to you, to them and to everyone.
My words slowly clearing off the walls as I become more familiar with the whys and buts of the hiccups within my life. Slowly the air becomes much cleaner and the stains clearing off the tiles. The light turns off as I sit in blackness. I am calm and still alive. I run my fingers over my scars and feel them disappear. They aren't aching anymore, and neither is my heart. I'm still surrounded by blackness and silence. I can hear my heart thump blood around my veins. The sound of my heart beat forms a rhythm in the room. My breathing in perfect timing. I am calm, I am alive.
The grip holding me down on the seat is slowly loosening, as I shuffle about to find an exit. I am not afraid.
My eyes adjusting to the darkness, I can see clearly now. There are no more stains left on the walls, Just pearly white tiles.
The cement has turned to Polished wood floors. I see a light switch dangling above my head. I pull it. The light is bright and hurts my eyes but now I can see. I can breathe. I am me.
So as I Crack my knuckles one by one.
Starting from my pinky, then head towards my thumb. I finally feel released and can leave this thought filled room.


Stepping closer towards you, I feel my chest get tight.
My breathing getting deeper, All I want is to hold you tonight.
You touch my skin, as it sends ripples of tingles throughout my body.
Pulling you closer towards me, all I want to feel is your touch.
I want to feel your heart beat with mine.
I want to feel your touch on my skin, and breathe you in.
I will give you anything you need.
I will be anything you want.
I will hold you tight, if you need to be held.
Or let you go, if you need some time to heal.
I will kiss your lips, and tell you everything will be better.
I will take you anywhere, or no where if that's what you wanted.
and if I could give you the world, then I would.
I want to keep our memories together, so no one can take that from me.
You've lit up a candle close to my heart, and now I can feel again.
I don't know what it is about you, But I know that it hurts when you're not with me.
Breathe me in deeper. Hold me close.
I am fragile. You fix me.
Hold my heart. keep me safe and tell me you feel the same.
Or is this just a dream?


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